Who is Juzzr Car Rental?

We are a car rental company situated in metro manila and our car rental rates are affordable to all. No complicated documentation and easy onboarding process. We have a wide range of new and cleaned, automatic transmission cars to serve all self-drive renters.

Why book with us?

We makes it simple and secure for all to rent a car from real people instead of scams.
Affordable & transparent pricing illustrate by our publish website, social media, and customer service personnel.
Comprehensive commercial insurance for rent a car business and not private individual insurance. The insurance starts automatically when you pick up the car and is valid till the time you return it.
No complicated commitment, on a simple rental contract and a small refundable security deposit.
Our rates include a regular preventive maintenance by our trusted CASA ties-up.
When we rent out our car, we built on trust. We ask all to provide complete profile before making a booking request. This way we know a little about you when we confirm your booking. We seek your kind understanding.

Safety is never a compromise or begs for forgiveness. ​Our specially trained incident response teams are available around the clock to handle any urgent safety concerns that arise.

What Our Clients Say

Where are we located?

Pick-Up & Return Point

Puregold Supermarket along Mercedes Ave.

Smart:    0998 989 3253

Globe:   0917 893 8478

Landline: 02 76244 906

Headquarter (Admin Office)

Level 10-1, One Global Place

25th Street & 5th Ave.

BGC, Taguig City

Postal Code 1634, Philippines


Mitsubishi Mirage G4 GLX
Toyota Vios E
Honda City
Mitsubishi SUV Xpander GLS
1 Day
2 - 3 Days
4 - 6 Days
7 Days & more

The above picks were based on an average combination of renters enquires. Renters may wish to consider other vehicles brand, siting capacity etc., not described above. The information listed above serves as a reference. Please contact our customer service for more choices and competitive rates.



All car returns are accepted from 7am – 6pm, Monday to Sunday (except for public holidays).


We will impose additional charges for return outside the agreed day, time and locations.


Main hirer will be able to return the car and discharge the contract. No other representative will be entertained.


If you have an outstanding balance with us, kindly settle your arrears on or before the return date.


Always improving the driving experience
​We value your feedback. Report any irregularities or malfunction during your drive to helps us identify and detect early faults. Your inputs are important to us as this ensure the safety on subsequent drivers. We review those inputs to ensure that everyone is as respectful as you are.

If you had an accident whether it is major or minor, please inform us and secure a police report. Our support team is always ready to respond to any questions you may encounter.

Payment Mode

By Banking


Every bank will offer online banking. If you have a bank account with an ATM/Direct debit card, it allows you to do banking transactions through their secured websites or mobile apps on your savings/checking account.


Our corporate bank info

 Juzzr Car Rental

BDO, Saving account


We highly recommend and encourage all payees to use secure online payment for paying rent, rental extension & dues and reservation monies.

Other mode of payment include; deposit over bank counter, cash deposit machine, remit thru remittance center, G-Cash etc.  whichever payment method that you are sending monies to us through bank deposit, we do not have means of validating who deposited the payment and for which account that payment is intended. For this reason, proof of payment such as deposit slip, remittance slip or photos of transaction has to be kept till the transaction completes.

Pay using Credit Card


You can use your credit card to make payment by reserving your car on our online booking system. We are using PayPal, a highly secure payment gateway to process all our reservations.

If you make an online booking without paying the rent amount or reservation fee, your booking will be process as a quotation. Please make a formal payment to secure your reservation. If you need assistance on booking and payments, you may contact our customer service.

Pay by Cash


If you wish to pay cash on the spot by using "notes", please get an official receipt from us. We do not collect rental payment till the car is deliver to you. Please do not pass any person cash till you collect the car from JUZZR CAR RENTAL.

Reserve your car and Pay using your credit card

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