The above list of frequent asked questions were picks based on an average of renters posed questions. If you need further assistance, kindly contact our customer service.

Frequent Ask Questions


What is the minimum rental period for Rent-A-Car?

The minimum rental contract period is for 1 day (1-day tenure deems as 24 hours usage) and commences on being the date of vehicle collection. We have long term rentals available as well. You'll qualify for our long term rental rates if you make a booking of 30 days or more.

What are the charges for returning the car late?

There is a 30 mins grace period and late returns beyond this are charged at Php300/hourly block, inclusive of the 30mins grace. Rental extensions are charged based on our daily rental rates as prescribe in our rental contract that you have endorse with us. All extensions are strictly subject to availability of cars.

What happens if I'm late to collect my car or do not show up?

​Car rental charges will begin from your booking, regardless if you have shown up or not. ​If you cancel after your booking, you risk losing your advance rental payment of P2,500 deems as reservation deposit. If you are late to your booking by more than 2 hours and we do not receive notification from you, your booking will automatically be cancelled and we will charge you P2,500 on cancellation as no-show.

Can I choose the Make/Model of the car to rent?

There are different categories to book from and there will be different cars in each category. Renter's will be able to choose a category to book from. However, they will not be able to choose a specific make/model. You will be allocated one of the models based on availability and the category you have made the booking.

Why do I need to give a security bond/deposit?

​All small and compact sedan cars be it manual or automatic will be at P5,000 and P10,000 for all other vehicle type. The use of security bond shall cover 4 areas; (a) poor housekeeping like fuel discrepancy, dirty vehicle from inside to outside & etc., (b) loss and damages, (c) accident & insurance excess and (d) penalties like traffic violation, late payment & vehicle return & etc. For a complete price list of itemise charges, please go to our payment section. An additional P1,000 security deposit for RFID toll for the use of Autosweep and Easy Trip toll gate.

The rights to use of rental vehicles?

Renter's must not use the vehicle to engage in any commercial activity other then for personal use. Vehicles are restricted from driven on these areas; inter-island, mountain trails, unmade and where roads are not passable for vehicle due to flooding. The Vehicle is not to be used for driving lessons, towing, racing, pace-making, or for competing in any form of motor sport or any illegal purpose whatsoever.

What happen if I cancel my booking after placing a reservation deposit?

The P2,500 reservation deposit is term as an advance rental payment. There will be a cancellation fee and the charges are as follows:-

(a) If the cancellation is 7 day or less, the penalty amount of P2,500 will be charge to you.

(b) If the cancellation is more than 7 days, we will hold the reservation deposit for a one time rental reservation re-booking. Renters must confirm their new re-booking date within the 14 days grace period. If there is no new reservation date within the grace period, this deposit will be paid as a rental cancellation.

(c) If your cancellation period is more than14 days before your rental commencement date, we will give you a full refund of your reservation deposit, subject to an admin fee*.

*An admin fee of P100 applies to cash refund thru bank transfer, G-Cash, collect cash anywhere at local remittance center. No admin fee will be imposed if the refund is "in-person" and we do not accept 3rd party (on behalf) cash refund. Reversal of credit card refund may incur an additional administrative expense as chargeback by credit card companies.

What documents must I provide?

We need the following original documents: 1. Driving license (Professional or Non-professional) with Official Receipt
2. Proof of billing with your name and address indicated
3. Passport and/or digitized government issued identification For foreign hirer, he/she must be proficient in English language. Otherwise, please provide International Driving Permit/License (IDP/IDL) and identification must be valid for al least 90 days upon arrival.


Where do I collect my car?

Please collect from our car depot along Mercedes Ave., Pasig, beside Puregold Supermarket.​

What documents do I need to bring when I collect my car?

​Renter's must have and produce original photo driving license with official receipts (OR) upon collecting of vehicle. In addition, one government digitise issued ID’s with photo and signature (e.g. Passport, UMID & etc.) Forgetting to bring driving license or photocopied license will not be accepted and you risk forfeiting your advance rental payment terms as reservation deposit. All repeat renter's must produce original photo driving ID's upon collection of vehicle. If your domestic driver's license is not in English, an International Driving Permit/License (IDP/IDL) or an official translation in English is required. Please note that an International Driving Permit/License does not replace your regular driver's license and you must carry your domestic driver's license while driving in Philippines. IDP/IDL has a 90 days validity upon your arrival in Philippines.

How do I extend my contract?

You can extend your contract by giving us at least 24 hours notice. Extension is still subject to car availability. Please contact customer service.

What are my duties and responsibilities during my rental period?

​Renter's shall take proper care of the vehicle for not overloading, has sufficient oil and water, correct tire pressure at all times and properly parked and locked the vehicle when not in use and drive in observation of all traffic laws and regulations. In the event of any breach, the renter's shall pay all fines and penalties which may be incurred, and answer to all traffic summonses, including all notices and inquiries during the rental contract period.

Are smoking and pets allowed?

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the vehicle at all times. Pets are allowed in our rental cars. Renter's need to keep pets crated in bassinet and return their rental car in clean condition and free of pet hair to avoid cleaning/detailing fees. Service animals used by customers with disabilities are allowed in the vehicle without a carrier. A cleaning/detailing fee of P5,000 will be charged if the vehicle is returned in a condition that requires excessive cleaning. This is inclusive to stubborn stains, food spillage, foul odor and cigarette odor.

What are my charges for 4.8 hours late and I have purchase for unlimited mileage?

​For every block of 30 mins late, there will be a charge of P150. If you have purchase unlimited mileage, there will be an add-on of P500 to your total late charges. For 4.8hrs late, it will be at 5 hours late and the total late charges will be P1,500 and add P500 for unli. The grand total will be P2,000.

What does a 30-Minutes block means on late return charge?

A late charge is charged in 30 minutes blocks for all sedan cars. e.g.
if you are 15min late, you get charged P150 (1block)
if you are 30min late, you get charged P150 (1block)
if you are 45min late, you get charged P300 (2blocks)
if you are 1 hour late, you get charged P300 (2blocks) The late return charge will be invoice and deducted from your security deposit on the spot.


When will I be charge for my rental extension?

Once your request for rental extension is approve, kindly deposit the rental extension amount to Juzzr Car Rental, BDO saving account number #007890073582 within the day or before the expiration of the rental contract.

How do I pay my rent arrears and penalties?

Arrear must be paid immediately to avoid other financial charges, e.g. interests, administrative fees, legal and etc. Please settle your arrears promptly and inform our accounts with proof of payments.


How do I return my car?

Renter must clean the interior and exterior upon the return of car. Pump-up the fuel gauge as per initial collection of car. Remove any personal belonging from the car. Report any irregularities or malfunction during your drive to helps us identify and detect early faults. Your inputs are important to us as this ensure the safety on the subsequent renters. If you had an accident whether it is major or minor, please inform us and also secure a police report. Failure to inform us of any accident is an offence and will subject to legal prosecution.

Who can discharge the rental contract?

Only the main hirer will be eligible to return the car and discharge the rental contract.

When will I received my security bond/deposit after returning my car?

We will return the main security deposit immediate once you return the car to us. We will refund you the RFID toll security deposit once the tabulation of RFID tolls usage amounts are finalise with both toll operators (Autosweep & Easy Trip). In the meantime, you can submit an online refund form to claim your RFID toll security deposit.